Neat Way To Store Sewing Machine Bobbins

Neat Way To Store Sewing Machine Bobbins

Lately, my sewing machine bobbins have gotten out of hand.  I’ve tried to keep them neatly in my sewing basket, but they seem to unravel and end up all over the top tray of the sewing basket.  So, I went out to the fabric store to look for containers to hold my bobbins neatly.  I found a couple of containers at the fabric store.  However, they were $8 – $10 and did not contain the design or type of space and enclosed compartments that I would’ve liked.

Neat Way To Store Sewing Machine Bobbins

So, I was in Walmart and found this 28 compartment pill box for just $4. It is one of those pill containers that is used to store pills for seven days of the week and sectioned off for morning, noon, evening and bedtime.  It is the perfect size for what I need and contains enough compartments to hold my bobbins. Plus, it can be closed to make sure that the bobbins stay in place.  It’s nice when you can find another use for an item.

Neat Way To Store Sewing Machine Bobbins

The compartments can hold two bobbins.  I only put one bobbin in each section. However, if you find that you have more than 28 bobbins, put two into each section.  While I was storing the bobbins, I noticed that I had several bobbins with the same color thread.  Hopefully, now that I can really see the bobbins, I will be sure to use all the thread on a certain bobbin before I wind and thread another bobbin with the same color.

Neat Way To Store Sewing Machine Bobbins

What I really like about this container is that the size of the pill box allows it to fit nicely in my sewing basket.  I don’t think I’ll have to worry about bobbins being everywhere.  This container worked out perfectly!

Have you found a nifty way to store your bobbin?




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  1. This is such a clever idea. I’m not sure I even know where all my bobbins are, right now. I suppose they could even be color coordinated in the same color family of the pillbox, in order to make them easier to find.

    Can you see the bobbin through the bottom of the box?

    Found you through Let’s Get Real! I’ll be pinning this as well.
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  2. You are brilliant Sharon!
    Christina @ Juggling Real Food and Real Life recently posted…5 Ways Nutrition Helps Kids At SchoolMy Profile

  3. I really like this handy idea – thank you so much for sharing it! I’m off to pin it for other sewers 🙂
    I’m also making sure that I follow you everywhere – found you from Let’s Get Real!
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