Neat Way to Remove Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

Neat Way to Remove Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

Why does so much lotion remain at the bottom of the containers? The pump stops pumping, but you can tell by the weight of the container that there is still a lot of lotion in the container.  Obviously, the pump is not long enough or designed in such a way that it will pump up all the lotion.  So, in our house, we do the obvious.  At least, I do.  You know…take the pump off and hit it in your hands to force the lotion down.  Either, the people in my house are taking way to many baths or drinking the lotion.  We’re spending too much money on lotion. However, I thought there must be a better solution for removing as much of the lotion from the bottom as possible.  So, here’s what I came up with for the problem.  Guess what? It actually worked.  This tip works best on lotion bottles that screw on.  (We have plenty of not-so empty bottles in our house.)

Remove Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

I went by Home Depot and purchased a piece of tubing. I knew I needed some type of tubing that wouldn’t close completely when bending.  I tried using a straw at first, but when a straw bends it completely folds and closes off.  I needed something that would bend but remain open and allow the lotion to flow through. Of course, I didn’t need this much but it’s already pre-cut.  However, it only cost $3.  I can use it later.

Removing Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

Select a tubing size that will snugly fit over the pump.

Removing Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

This tubing size was a perfect fit.  It will only allow the pump to fit this far down.  However, it was a tight fit.

Remove Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

Just clip off a piece.  I used 4  1/2 centimeters.  You want to cut a piece that will fit comfortably in the bottom of the bottle.

Removing the Lotion Remaining at the Bottom of Containers

This is how it looked.  It’s really simple and you could cut a couple of pieces ahead of time if you purchase the same size lotion all the time.  Then, you could just pop them on the new lotion pumps when they stop pumping.

Removing the Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Container

Tested it. Ta-Da! It works. The lotion at the bottom of container came through the pump. I made sure to empty the pump completely before inserting back into the container.  I wanted to make sure that there was no lotion already in the pump.  Plus, it’s still pumping.

Whenever the pumping stops, just remove pump and adjust it so that the tube attachment faces the other way in container to make sure that it removes as much of the lotion at bottom of container as possible.  This little tip will help to not waste money and lotion by throwing away the lotion before it’s completely emptied.

Removing Lotion Remaining at Bottom of Containers

This is the size of the lotion container that I use.

So, next time you’re tempted to throw away the lotion and there’s still so much lotion in the bottom of container, you might want to try this little nifty tip.


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  1. I put things in the microwave for a few seconds and put in another container, which I have on hand. The stuff melts and you poor it out, when it cools it can be used. I do this for everything.

  2. UseEveryDrop says:

    I use a device that helps me empty my bottles. It is called ‘Soap & Lotion Bottle Saver Connecter Coupler’ by Use Every Drop. Check it out on Amazon!

  3. That is such an easy and simple solution. I wonder why the manufacturers don’t just lengthen the tube? I’ll be heading out soon for that flexible tubing.
    Nicky @ Little Family Adventure recently posted…Blueberry Picking with KidsMy Profile

  4. I hate it when I can’t get that last little bit out of the bottle. I feel like it is wasteful and I am throwing money away. Thank you for the simple and ingenuous solution. I feel better now 🙂
    Pure Grace Farms recently posted…Monday Morning Review: 7 Great Sandwiches Perfect for PackingMy Profile

  5. Great tip! That is so clever. Sharing on Pinterest.
    Gaye @CalmHealthySexy recently posted…Speak Your Husband’s Love Language – A Simple Way to Strengthen Your MarriageMy Profile

  6. Thanks so much for sharing on my T.G.I.F. linky party 🙂 Have a great day!
    Wendy @ recently posted…How To Make a Bacon BowlMy Profile

  7. Cynthia says:

    What a brilliant idea! I’m trying it this weekend and I’m pinning it. I’m so ready for Spring, so this cake sounds heavenly. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  8. You clever girl! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Let’s Get Real!
    Nicole recently posted…Light it up Blue for World Autism DayMy Profile

  9. Great tip. I want to do this will all the pumps in the house…lotion, shampoo, soap 🙂
    Erlene recently posted…The Yuck Stops Here! Link Party #1My Profile

  10. Such a simple solution! I am going to have to try this out. Thanks for sharing! I am visiting from Let’s Get Real.
    Kim recently posted…How setting priorities helped us find a home we loveMy Profile

  11. I usually use my kitchen shears to cut the bottle open and use a rubber spatula to scoop the rest out into a lidded glass container.

    • HI Heidi! I’ve definitely done that before, especially when I’m in dire need of lotion and can’t find any other lotion in the house….

  12. Great suggestion! I can’t wait to try it. I always get so frustrated with the bottom of a lotion bottle! Thanks for sharing.
    Angela Culley (Math NInja) recently posted…FAQ about Taking the GREMy Profile

    • Hi Angela! It’s one of those things that drives you crazy…the pump stops and you know there is more lotion. I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided that I would find a way to get the lotion out without hurting myself…

  13. Very clever! I would never have thought of something like this! But it is always frustrating to know that you are wasting lotion. We’ll give it a try! Visiting from the Let’s Get Real Party!
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…There’s a Spring in my Step: Friday Faves and Ladies Only Blog Share #LOBSMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! It’s one of those things that you try and then amaze yourself that it actually works. Every time I go to use the lotion that was almost empty, I get a little tickled that the lotion actually comes through the pump using the little tubing….

  14. Neat tip! I will have to make a trip to the depot because I am always banging bottles around to try and get every last drop out! 🙂
    Meredith@A TIPical Day recently posted…Jungle Fruit SculptureMy Profile

    • Thanks Meredith! I know how you feel about banging bottles. It seems that we should be able to take the bottle back to the store and ask for a refund on the unused portion that we can’t get to…

  15. Dish washing soap does this too. I add a bit of water shake and unscrew the lid and use it all up.
    Hazel Moon recently posted…Does God Avenge?My Profile

  16. Lotion at the bottom of containers has been a bug bear for a very long time. Would never have thought of such a simple solution.
    Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry recently posted…Baked Sweet Potato FriesMy Profile

  17. This is really awesome! Even after pounding the bottom of the container and shaking it there is always some that will continue to remain.
    Thanks for this great tip!
    Bismah recently posted…DIY All Natural Bathroom ScrubMy Profile

    • Hi Bismah! I know…that lotion just refuse to come out completely. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from continuously pounding on the bottom…

  18. Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea. I usually leave my bottle upside down on the count while trying to get every speck of lotion out!
    Barbara recently posted…Colorful Deviled EggsMy Profile

  19. Best.idea.ever! I spend so much time pounding the lotion bottle against my hand, lol!!
    Sherelle recently posted…Caramel Cares: Giveaway AnnouncementMy Profile

  20. Great idea! It’s always nice to find ways to save money (no matter how little) but more importantly, I want to prove to that bottle of lotion that I’m the boss and I WILL get every last bit out!!! Thanks for the tip 🙂
    Vicki Lesage recently posted…French for Babies: My Son Speaks French Better Than MeMy Profile

  21. Now, why didn’t I think of that?? Thanks for sharing this great tip!

  22. This is a great solution…we usually hit the bottom of the bottle and try to shake the remaining lotion out the bottle. However, this sounds a lot better than the old way and it looks pretty easy.
    Sonya recently posted…Lane Bryant $20 Off $40 PurchaseMy Profile

    • Hi Sonya! I think that I’m the main one in the house that hits the bottom of the bottle to get the rest of the lotion. However, now I’m going to use this neat little way/attachment in all of the bottles to save money and lotion…Thanks again for the tip on Old Navy.

  23. Wow, that is smart! I usually tip the bottle upside-down and then remove the cap to try to shake some out whenever I want to use it. This would work a lot better, though! I’m stopping by from Pin it Monday Hop.
    Jenna @ A Savory Feast recently posted…Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed BurgersMy Profile

    • Hi Jenna! That’s normally what I do. Shake the bottle upside-down to get the lotion out. This neat little way is so much better at removing the remaining lotion…

  24. What a clever idea!
    I’d definitely try it SOON !!
    Thanks 🙂
    Winnie recently posted…בראוניז עם עוגיותMy Profile

  25. Seems simple enough!
    Jennifer Johnson recently posted…Weekly Meal Plan #11My Profile

  26. What a neat idea. So simple, yet I don’t believe too many people have thought of it. I will definitely be trying this one.


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