How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your House


The summer is here and the ANTS are back! Each year I try to think of ways to get rid of ants in the house. Now, of course, you can’t completely get rid of ants. They’re small and can get through any cracks.  So, I am going to offer the best way to control the ants in your house.  Specifically, the kitchen.  I hate for ants to crawl around on my counter tops and stove.  Afterall, this is where your food is located when you are cooking.  I don’t waste time buying expensive sprays or powders anymore.  They don’t work.  So, here is my regime. It has been pretty good at holding the ants at bay.

First, wash down the counter tops, stove and cabinets with vinegar and water.  Just combine in a spray bottle.  I am not going to say how much water and vinegar to combine.  I usually combine my mix so that the vinegar is still strong. Some people might want it milder.

Second, let dry.  Then, apply a light dousing of baby powder over counter surfaces and stove.  Make sure to wipe these areas down nicely so that you won’t have a white powdered covered kitchen. The powder left on towel is enough to wipe down cabinets.  So, don’t try throwing powder up in the air to cover cabinets.  Though, that might be kind of funny…..

Also, you may want to caulk up any holes that you have that are really noticeable for ants to come through.  But, don’t get carried away with caulking.  Like I said, they’re ants.  They can get through any tiny openings, regardless.

You should notice less ants as the days go by.  When you see them return gradually, you might want to follow the steps above again.

You can use the baby powder on the carpet to rid it of ants.  Just sprinkle a little on the carpet and vacuum as usual.

Get Rid of Ants In Your House



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  1. Aspartame will kill them and the ants that take it back to the nest will take care of the whole colony. Get a few packets at the next restaurant you visit. Free!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the great tip,I don’t like ants same time I don’t like to use strong chemicals at home.So this is very helpful & I am going to try…Pinning too
    Amila recently posted…Smiling Zinnias from Sri Lanka and WW LinkyMy Profile

  3. Your post is so on time! I just had a holy cow conniption in my kitchen trying to figure out where the heck they were coming from as I cooked dinner. Guess the stove got so hot it sent them running (you can tell how often I cook), which is another reason their presence baffles me. So infuriating, I would use the borax solution as well that someone else mentioned but I don’t feel comfortable using it in my kitchen so a little corn starch (which is all baby powder is) would be an awesome solution. Going to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing!
    Kellie The Shoe Diva recently posted…Summer HandbagsMy Profile

    • Hi Kellie! If you don’t get ants under control, they will take over. I try to concentrate on making sure that they stay off my cooking area. You can’t completely get rid of them, but this definitely helps to control them.

  4. I usually use TERRO, a borax-based ant bait that they carry back to their nest, so it kills the colony over time. I might try this method next time they come, in addition to the TERRO, to get rid of them faster (TERRO takes a few days to work completely).
    Renee @ CreativeMamaMessyHouse recently posted…Easy Weeknight Dinner, Roasted Shrimp and BroccoliMy Profile

    • Hi Renee! I’ve never tried TERRO. The powder/vinegar that I use takes a few days to kick in also. I like it because I can easily use on the kitchen counter top. This is the one place that I hate to see ants crawling, along with the stove. This has been working for me for quite a few years now.

  5. The ants have returned after I thought I had conquered them. I will try this great potion to rid of them instead of costly and unhealthy alternatives! Thanks!
    Dawn recently posted…Put on Perfection… Just for TodayMy Profile

    • Hi Dawn! Those ants seem to always find their way back. When I see them returning, I just use the vinegar/water and powder and away they go again. Definitely try it and see if it works for you.

  6. Hi Sharon!
    Great Post!!!
    I like the baby powder idea. I will be trying this as well.
    Bismah recently posted…The Ants Go Marching…AwayMy Profile


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  2. […] The summer is here and the ANTS are back! Each year I try to think of ways to get rid of ants in the house. Now, of course, you can't completely g  […]

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