DIY Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

Tried my hand at organizing my utensil drawer in the kitchen.  I decided to go with using some chair rail molding.  If you have some leftover chair rail molding in your house, then it is definitely an inexpensive venture to try.  If not, you can purchase enough for drawer dividers from Home Depot for about $5 or $6. Home Depot will also cut the chair rail molding for you as long as it measures at least 12 inches.  I love the look of the molding in the drawer.  One interesting fact: I’m not gluing or nailing anything down.  The trick: I’m using popsicle sticks.  Why? If I want to move them about, I only have to remove popsicle sticks, reset molding pieces and place popsicle sticks to hold down firmly in place.  Here’s how:

Items Needed:

  • chair rail molding
  • popsicle sticks


First, measure the exact length needed for each dividers.  My dividers measured exactly 12 7/8 inches.  If purchasing wood or molding, make sure to determine the height needed also.  This molding measured close to 3 inches in height.  Perfect for my drawer which is about 4 inches high.

Kitchen Drawer Dividesr Using Chair Rail Molding

I decided to put shelf liner on the bottom of the drawer.  It is easily removable, so you don’t have to worry about it being permanent.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

You can opt to go without shelf liner and it is still pretty.  See photo above. (Popsicles not inserted yet)

Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

After covering, I placed dividers in drawer. You should decide the distance that you will need between the dividers before getting started.  It will depend on the size of your drawer and the amount of separation you want between dividers.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

I wanted to keep this job very simple and didn’t want to glue or nail anything. The trick to not having to glue or nail down any wood is using some type of wood (or other item) to give a good seal between side of drawer and divider.  You want a snug fit so that the dividers do not move.  You can always remove sticks if you decide that you want a different spacing.  If you don’t want to use popsicle sticks, Home Depot carries wood shims that can be used to help the wood fit snugly against the side of the drawer.  Of course, I’m always looking for the most inexpensive way to do a project.  So, the popsicle sticks came in handy, especially since I already had some.  When done, open and close drawer to made sure the dividers stay in place snugly.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

This is a close-up shot to see how the popsicle sticks hold the molding in place….very tight and snug.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

There you have it. Quick and simple!

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  1. Great idea! I was just at a friend’s house yesterday and we were discussing kitchen organization! I’ll have to mention this to her. Although, I don’t think she needs it. I’m the one in need! 😉 LOL!
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  2. The drawer looks so nice!
    Akaleistar recently posted…How to Wear Green on St. Patrick’s DayMy Profile


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