Using a Kitchen Drawer to Organize Tupperware

Using A Kitchen Drawer To Organize Tupperware

I’m not sure why I keep the tupperware in the top of the cabinet.   First, I can never find the matching tops unless I get a stool to look in the top of the cabinet.  Plus, I’m not disciplined enough to put matching tops with matching containers.  So, today, I’m trying a different approach.  Yep, I’m still inspired since I organized my utensil drawer. You can check that organizational accomplishment right here. Still, loving it. I’m on my way to becoming an organizational guru.

Now, on to organizing my mess of tupperware.  In the above picture, you can’t see the tupperware that is in the far back.  Since, I’m organizing all those containers, it gave me an opportunity to throw away some containers that I no longer needed or no longer have tops.  Thought about buying new tupperware, but decided against it. Eventually, it would end up just like the ones I have…stained and without tops.

Items Needed:

  • wood or any type of material to use as dividers (Measure drawer to determine amount and size)
  • wood glue
  • paint and paintbrush (optional)


Using A Kitchen Drawer To Organize Tupperware

I thought I would paint the wood white. Not sure why.  Just want to mention that I painted this on top of a white poster board. Stuck to it, so I only painted one side. You would think that I have never painted before.  I let it dry overnight.

Using A Kitchen Drawer To Organize Tupperware

This bottom drawer was perfect. It’s close to 7 inches deep. So, it worked great.  Plus, it was being overtaken by all the towels and mitts that were being thrown into it.

Using A Kitchen Drawer To Organize Tupperware

I’m using three pieces of wood to organize the drawer.  None of the pieces are going to be glued down to the drawer. You know…just in case I decide that I no longer need a tupperware drawer. I inserted the longer piece of wood first. Just kind of standing it up while I wait to glue the other pieces to it. (FYI: My wood pieces measure 20 x 6.5in and two that are 10 x 6.5 in. )

Using A Kitchen Drawer To Organize Tupperware

Apply wood glue to one end of the shorter piece of wood.  Press against long piece of wood.  Let dry . Then, do other piece. (You would determine beforehand how much distance that the shorter pieces need to be placed according to the size of your tupperware.) Let dry.  It normally doesn’t take that long for wood glue to bond items together.

Using A Kitchen Drawer To Organize Tupperware

Now, I’m able to reach down to get the tupperware instead of looking up to try and find matching tupperware.  Yep, I’m loving this organizational DIY, also!


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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Your drawer projects is beautiful. Looks great and well-organized. Love your blogs! Thanks for sharing.

    Oliver Woodworker recently posted…Best Log Splitter in 2017 – Reviews and Guide – Must READMy Profile

  2. I am in love with DIY to a point where it borders on addiction and with the 3 empty drawers i have near the kitchen sink that i can turn into a tupperware station, my heart jumps with joy.
    It always seemed easier to publicly display the new tupperware and shove the old in cabinet that no one opens but thanks to your article i will give them a loving new home.

  3. Ahh, this is a fantastic idea, I have my pots in a bigger drawers, so I’m going to add the pieces of wood in as the dividersin to seperate the lids from the pots then I can stack inside as well. Great idea, thanks.

  4. That looks so nice and organized!
    Akaleistar recently posted…Hair Color is My Mood RingMy Profile

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