Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

(There is also a 41 second video at bottom of post where I remove the color from egg.)

I was coloring eggs and decided that I didn’t want the color that I put on the egg.  I thought it would be so cool to uncolor the egg and recolor it.  So, I thought about all the experiments that we do for homeschool science experiments and came up with a cool idea to take the color off the egg.  Of course, you don’t want to uncolor all of your Easter eggs, but perhaps you make a mistake and want to start over.  Or, perhaps you want to thrill the kids with this little technique.


  • vinegar
  • cup or container
  • food coloring or egg dye
  • water

To color my eggs, I used food coloring since I had lots of it on hand.  (You can use the regular egg dying kits.) When I dye my eggs with food coloring, I put a little bit of vinegar into the food coloring. For example, I used 1/2 cup water and mixed in about 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar. 



Boil and color your eggs as you do normally.  I colored my eggs in plastic bags since I didn’t have paper cups.

Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

Pour one cup of vinegar into a container.

Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

Place the egg into the cup of vinegar.  It will start to fizz or form bubbles around the egg.  The vinegar is actually eating away some of the outer shell which will help to remove the color.  Let it sit in the vinegar for about 8 minutes.

Uncolor and Recolor Easter Eggs

After 8 minutes or so, remove the egg from the vinegar.

Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

While running under cool water, use your hand to wipe away the color.

Uncolor and Recolor Easter Eggs

The color should easily come off of the egg. Remember, that since the egg was sitting in vinegar, a tiny layer or parts of the shell was also removed when taking off the color.

Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

Now, you’re back to a light-colored egg.  There will be a slight tint of coloring remaining on the shells but it is not that noticeable.  You can now recolor the egg.

Uncolor and Recolor Your Easter Eggs

When you recolor your eggs (using normal method of coloring an egg), they will come out SPECKLED.  Since vinegar removed little parts of the outer layer, it will only color the egg a speckled-look.  It is so pretty! I love the blue and the red one that is speckled.

(short video demonstration of removing color from egg)

Uncoloring (I don’t actually think that is a word.) and recoloring is a fun idea when you want to entertain the kids or change a color on an egg.  It’s a different way to color eggs.  What unique ways do you use when coloring eggs for Easter?

You may also want to check out how I colored eggs last year with vinegar and a necktie in my post, How to Dye Eggs with a Necktie and Vinegar.

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  1. that is such an awesome idea! I love the speckled look too, pretty cool! We have added a page to our website to link to other crafters/diyers that have tutorials, free patterns, etc. – ok if we add your site to our sew and diy list?
    Kristina & Millie recently posted…Mom Day Gifts to Crochet or Knit Round upMy Profile

  2. I would be such fun to see the egg fizzling. Kids would love it.
    Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry recently posted…How to Cook Quinoa : Pantry Staple SpotlightMy Profile

  3. Well that’s neat. I know there were many times when my kids didn’t like the way their eggs turned out and this would’ve came in handy. Thanks for sharing this tip.
    Erlene recently posted…Linky Party Basics – For Hosts and GuestsMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Erlene! My kids always want to change something after they’ve colored it. So, this definitely comes in handy in our house…

  4. Good tip to use a plastic bag!
    Jeannie recently posted…Instant happyMy Profile

  5. This is a great science experiment. I didn’t know vinegar would take off the color.
    Sonya recently posted…Target Coupon 40% Off Kids’ Apparel (4/17 Only)My Profile


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