Turn Your Girl Scouts Vest Into A Pillow!

Girl Scouts Vest Pillow

My daughter will become a Cadette next year.  So, I decided to make her Junior vest into a pillow that she could keep on her bed to remember the memories.  It will end up hanging in the closet just like her Brownie vest if I don’t.  I was searching online for other vests that were turned into pillows.  I found a couple of Daisy vests that were turned into pillows.  The Daisy vest has a rectangle shape already with the sides opened.  I also found Junior vests that were made into pillows that were shaped like a vest.  I didn’t find any that were made into a formal pillow with the white background attached.  The Junior vest is like a regular vest with the front open.  I found out after starting this little project that it definitely wasn’t going to be as quick to turn it into a square-shaped pillow as I thought.  Of course, I didn’t let that stop me.   So, these are the steps to turn your vest into this beautiful square-shaped pillow.

Girl Scouts Vest Pillow

Using a seam ripper, take the front of the vest off.  You will end up having three parts when you finish.  Since the front is open, it will become two parts, plus the back.

Girl Scouts Vest Pillow

Once it is apart, you will use some type of material (sheet, pillowcase, large t-shirt, fabric, etc.) to attach the vest to it.  This is done because we need a square-shape for the pillow.  Make sure that you put the two front parts close together because it will be sewn onto the white material into one.

Girl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest Pillow

Pin down the vest parts and stitch down.  When sewing, remember to stitch around the shape of the vest.  It will keep the vest neatly stitched to the white fabric.

Girl Scouts Vest PillowGIrl Scouts Vest Pillow

The trimming on the sleeve opening will probably come off when you’re first removing the front part from the back.  Make sure that you keep up with it because the material used to make this vest unravels terribly.  So, when I was sewing down the vest on the white material, I had to pin the trimming and sew it down.  This is also a good time to sew on any patches that didn’t get sewn on during the year.  I also took some time to put my daughter’s initials on the back of her vest.  (She’ll like that.)

Girl Scouts Vest Pillow

Trim the edges when you finish sewing the vest down on fabric.  Make sure that you cut the white fabric all the way up into a square shape.

GIrl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest Pillow

Pin the two facing pieces together to sew down.  ONLY sew the sides together on the sewing machine.  The Top and Bottom will have to be hand-sewn.  I did not sew the bottom together on the machine because the front piece is bigger than the back piece.  The top and bottom pieces will match up better when filled with stuffing.

GIrl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest Pillow

After sewing down sides, turn over.  Start stuffing the vest.

Girl Scouts Vest Pillow

Pin together the bottom.  See how neatly it lines up now that it’s stuffed.

Girl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest Pillow

Now, stitch together the bottom with needle and thread.  Since, this vest is two colors on the bottom, you will need to sew the green part with green thread and then switch to white thread.

Girl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest PillowGirl Scouts Vest Pillow

Sewing the top of the vest is the most difficult part to do.  Pull together as neatly as possible and repeat the same process with white thread and green thread.  You’re done!

Girl Scouts Vest Pillow!

This is a pic of the front of the vest pillow.  My daughter pinned her swaps to the front of her vest pillow.  Loving this pillow!

Have you tried making one of these pillows yet? Did you make yours into a square shape or into the shape of the vest?


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  2. This is such a great idea Sharon! I’m pinning and sharing. No scouts here, but I hope those who are get a look at this – so smart!
    Karen recently posted…Life Is Beautiful #5My Profile

  3. What a great idea, Sharon! Pinning.
    Gaye @CalmHealthySexy recently posted…4 Reasons to Add a Regular “Parents’ Night” to Your Family’s ScheduleMy Profile

  4. I love, love, love this Sharon! My boys have very large frames with their Cub Scout/Boy Scout shirts in them. I have been trying to think what I should do with my daughter’s vest. She would love this. I’m sharing this with my local service unit and troop.
    Christina @ Juggling Real Food and Real Life recently posted…The Balancing Act of Meal Planning + 5 Tips To HelpMy Profile

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  6. this is beyond cute.
    Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry recently posted…Summer Recipes SeriesMy Profile

  7. What a fun idea. This is very cute and a great way to keep the memory of being a girl scout. I would like to thank you for joining the Pin It Monday Hop Pinterest Party. Please come by sometime(if your time permits) and check what other bloggers are sharing. See you. 

    Judy recently posted…Funny Conversation with KidsMy Profile

  8. Hi Sharon! Thank you for joining our Let’s Get Social Sunday Party! Have a wonderful day 🙂
    Linda@With A Blast recently posted…All My Bloggy Friends Link Party #51My Profile

  9. What an awesome idea!!! I think my daughter’s vest is still just hanging in her closet, I will have to show this to her 🙂
    Lisa@ Cooking with Curls recently posted…Cooking with Friends GiveawayMy Profile

  10. This is such a clever idea! My daughter just finished her first year as a Daisy, so once she graduates to a Brownie, this would be a great idea instead of just storing it away to collect dust! Thanks for linking to our Make Bake Create party!!!! 🙂
    Vanessa recently posted…#LightMyWay to Nighttime Sewing Projects with @Energizer Night Headlight! #shop #cbiasMy Profile

  11. What a sweet idea. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo
    Katherines Corner recently posted…First Pick Red Delicious Strawberries and RecipesMy Profile

  12. What a great idea! Stopping in from SITS. I’m going to share this with our area GS’s FB group page.

  13. What a cool idea! I have so many badges on my old vest and it’s just been sitting in my closet for years.
    natashalh recently posted…Friday Happies & Crappies and Etsy FavoritesMy Profile

    • Thanks! Now it’s time to take that vest out of the closet, zip it into a pillow, and proudly display it…. As my daughter pointed out, “Mom, for some badges, you have to do so much work!” So, I definitely wanted to do something with the vest….hence, the pillow.

  14. Such a cute idea!
    Akaleistar recently posted…Stuart Weitzman Does CinderellaMy Profile

  15. Such a cute idea. No girl scouts here, but if I see a vest at a yard sale I’ll have to think about grabbing it. How did her jeans turn out? 😉
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently posted…Blogger Interview: Danielle of Snippets of InspirationMy Profile

    • Thanks Theresa! My daughter put them in the washer and the food coloring came out. The bleach didn’t work as well as she wanted it to because it was watered-down. She did get a slight effect from the bleach so she was pleased with herself. She has two more cut-off jeans that she can continue to practice perfecting this technique.

  16. I am LOVING this! It turned out so great, and what an awesome keepsake for your daughter.
    Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com recently posted…Messenger BagMy Profile

    • Thanks Heidi! Just imagine, she can have this very pillow when she’s in her dorm room away at college. I’m sure she’ll keep up with it until then.

  17. Hi Sharon!

    This pillow is beautiful and you did such a lovely job. Your daughter can cherish this and all the fun memories of hanging out with her mom while in girl scouts.

    Bismah recently posted…Cleaning ScheduleMy Profile

  18. wow..lovely
    Tasty Appetite

  19. I love, love, love this idea!!! When my daughter gets older I really want her to get involved with the Girl Scouts!!!

    I would love to be a troop leader as well. Have you tried that at all? Just wondering how hard that is to become one.
    Katie recently posted…How To Be An Adult StudentMy Profile

    • Thanks Katie! I’m the troop leader for my daughter’s troop. It is very easy to become a troop leader. Some paperwork and workshops (can be done online, too), but definitely not that difficult.

  20. What a great idea!
    Stephanie Daigneault recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – What are you trying to take a picture of??My Profile

  21. That is fantastic! I love taking sentimental pieces and repurposing them. Thanks for linking up at Pin It Tuesday!
    Pary Moppins recently posted…Brookshire’s Coupon Matchups 6/12 – 6/18My Profile


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