How to Make an Old Dress into A New Dress!

(This is the same dress that I have on in the above picture.  The pic on the left was taken when I got up in the morning with no makeup, hair not combed and way too much light in the room.  The second pic is the after dress.  You guessed it…I combed my hair, made up my face and took this pic at night with a flash.  Everyone looks good

Sewing: How Did My Fabric First Aid Kit Turn Out?

(Make sure to scroll all the way down to see how it looks when open!) Well, today, I decided to pull out my sewing skill that I picked up in high school during 10th and 11th grade. Now, the whole reason for making this is that my daughter’s girl scout troop (yep…I’m the leader) was completing a skill for their First Aid Badge and making a first aid kit was one of those skills.  We made a tin first aid {Read More}