DIY Running/Walking Armband

Need an armband when you’re running or walking? Try making one from a headband. Pretty simple and inexpensive.  Just follow a couple of steps below. Items Needed: Headband Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine Directions: Measure the armband around your arm. Make sure and measure it tightly, but not extremely tight. Pin. Sew down on machine or use a needle and thread. Finish edges on the machine to stop material from raveling. This part is optional. Top stitch to securely {Read More}

Homemade Oreo Blizzard

With the weather warming to 70 degrees the other day, we stopped by Dairy Queen to get a blizzard.  My favorite is Oreo and my kids love Cookie Dough.  So, it’s obvious that I would go home and try to make one of these the next day.  I only have one problem with DQ Blizzards.  They don’t give you enough cookies in the ice cream.  Solved that.  I put in enough cookies to satisfy me.  Plus, the most important thing….it {Read More}

Homemade Soft Caramel Candy

Making caramel candy has been on my list for quite some time.  Finally, crossed it off today.  Such a tasty treat! It seemed like it was fitting to make this candy since Halloween is right around the candy.  Simple and easy definitely applies to making caramel candy.  Just follow the simple steps below.  Some people make this recipe in two steps.  I like quick and easy so this recipe combines everything in one pot. Ingredients and Items Needed: 1 cup {Read More}

Make Your Own Tutu

I was in the mall shopping with my youngest daughter and her friends. They were looking for tutus.  Of course, we didn’t find any because I’m not quite sure where they are sold.  I think you can probably find them in a costume store.  I guess wearing tutus over leggings is a style for them.  What did I do? Made one.  How cute! Items Needed: Tulle Fabric (I used about 4.5 yards of material. Will depend on measurements of child.) {Read More}

Make Your Own Towel Wrap

Took a little time out of my day to make a towel wrap for my daughter.  I made her one because she seems to stay in her towel forever after she takes a shower.  Plus, towel wraps can be so cute if you make your own.  You can pick the color you really like and decorate it with the ribbons of your choice.  It requires some sewing but not too much. Items Needed: large bath towel ribbon thread elastic tape {Read More}

Homemade Lotion Bars

I’m so glad to finally find something to make where I’m able able to use some more of the beeswax.  I bought a block of beeswax last year to make Homemade Vaseline and it has been sitting in the closet.  These little bars are so cute! Plus, they are magnificent

Make Your Own Pencil Pouch

My oldest child needs an extra large pencil pouch for carrying her stuff to school.  The amount of supplies that are needed by kids today is so outrageous.  I don’t even try to purchase a small size pouch for her.  Normally, I would buy a money bag for her to use as a pouch.  However, this year, I decided to make one.  It turned out nicely.  It’s been awhile since I’ve messed with a zipper, but I made it work.  {Read More}

Bite-Size Peach Turnovers

Sometimes, you just want a small bite of dessert.  When that happens, a small bite of peach turnover will solve the problem.  Sprinkle powdered sugar on top and you have yourself a winner.  Just think

Homemade Magnetic Air Vent Air Freshener

I like for my bathrooms to have a nice fresh scent.  So, I made these specifically for my bathroom.  I figured with such a closed-end space that these magnetic air fresheners would work best in that size room.  They were

Homemade Chicken Salad with a Barbecue Flavor

I baked a whole chicken two days ago.  I decided to make chicken salad with the leftover chicken.  For some reason, it seems that the breast of the chicken is always left over.  So, it’s chicken salad today.  I added barbecue sauce to this chicken salad batch and it was so delicious! The barbecue sauce gave