Sewing: How Did My Fabric First Aid Kit Turn Out?


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Well, today, I decided to pull out my sewing skill that I picked up in high school during 10th and 11th grade. Now, the whole reason for making this is that my daughter’s girl scout troop (yep…I’m the leader) was completing a skill for their First Aid Badge and making a first aid kit was one of those skills.  We made a tin first aid kit for the troop. But, while I was looking on the internet, I came across this one on Positively Splendid  by Amy and decided to not let this challenge pass me by. It took me about 3 hours to make this due to the fact that I had to take pics along the way. (Plus, I had my teenager to take some of the pics, which was a feat in itself.)


Items that I used: ribbon (18 in), fabric quarters in 2 different colors (18 x 21 in), fusible interfacing (6 x 11 in) and matching thread(s). There is ample enough fabric in the fabric quarters.


Measure and cut the inner piece, outer piece, and interfacing (all three pieces are 6 x 11 in). My inner piece and outer piece are the same color.  Amy suggested lightweight fusible interfacing but I got heavy weight which meant I would have to sew mines on since it was not the iron on type.


Measure and cut the pocket piece.  This is the largest piece. (13 x 11 in)

236 237 239 240

Using the pocket piece, fold the short end up 2 and 1/2 inches, pin and then iron. Fold up the opposite end. It should be about 4 inches, press.  Then, fold up the short end over the large end until it forms like a pocket, press.

245 250 253 264

This part gets a little tricky if you’re not in to sewing.  (Please check Positively Splendid if you need more details). First, make a marking 2 inches from the left edge of the lower part of the pocket piece, one closer to the top portion and one closer to the bottom portion. I used a colored pencil which I’m sure you shouldn’t but I did. Then, make another marking 1 and 1/2 from 2 in marking.  You will make 3 more markings that are 1 and 1/2 in apart.  The last marking should be 2 in apart from the right side.  I put pins to show you the markings that I made. You will need to take them out for the next step, though.


Open folded piece and stitch along both edges. Refold.


Sew down markings 1, 3, and 5.


Lay outer piece down face up.  Put pocket piece 1/2 inch on top from the bottom.

273 278

Pin down 2 and 4 markings.  Sew 2 and 4 all the way up to top of pink fabric.


Put ribbon together with right side facing on outer piece.  Baste down on right edge and then fold and pin ribbon in center until later.


Attach interfacing to wrong side of outer piece and sew (you will have to sew unless you buy the fusible kind) to wrong side of your outer piece.


Next, place the inside piece face up on surface and attach the piece with the interfacing (outer piece) so that the right sides of fabric is facing each other.  Remember, I’m using the same colors for my outer and inner piece.


Sew around the item about 1/4 inch all the way around, except for 3 inches.  You need at least 3 inches so that you will be able to turn it over.  Clip the edges. Then, turn over. I used a pen with the top on it to push the corners out nicely. Press down the item before you continue.


Stitch around the entire item.  You will need to close up 3 inches that was left open and continue sewing. Also, make sure that you top stitch the edge at the bottom where the pocket piece was placed a 1/2 in from the bottom.  I forgot to do this and had to do it later.


Ta Da!!! It’s done and it’s cute! Insert whatever supplies that you want in your first aid kit.  I put chapstick, zytec allergy medicine, rubber band and safety pin, Purell hand sanitizer, Orajel, tissue, band aids, etc,.  My daughter decided that she definitely needed this one besides the one they made in girl scouts.  Besides, it’s so cute, who wouldn’t want to carry it in their purse.  My oldest daughter wanted to know if I can make that into a wallet for her. Woo…I’m tired. Sewing is not difficult, but I forgot how tiring it was. LOL. Do you sew? What item have you sewn lately?


My daughter enjoying her new fabric first aid kit!!


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  1. That is a very awesome project! I love sewing after learning in middle school home ec but I’ve always been very lazy with it (I dislike patterns and ironing) and never advanced to anything more than unlined, loosely structured sundresses for my young daughter. I’m hoping to get back into it though, and I think I’ll need to buy a book that reteaches all the basics and more. I don’t suppose you have one to recommend? I’ll have to put this on my must sew list, my almost 7 year old would love one!
    Caffeinated Chronicles recently posted…My adventures in; Oil pullingMy Profile

    • Thank you! I don’t have a book to recommend. I did buy my teenager a small booklet on “Beginning to Sew.” Since, you’ve done sewing before, you might be able to pick it up quite easily again.

  2. This turned out just precious! I wish I had the patience to teach myself to sew!
    Amy recently posted…Happy End Of Spring Break!My Profile

  3. How cute! Love it! Swinging back through:) Hope you have a great day!

    Nicky recently posted…Juggling Sanity as an Athletic Event?My Profile

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You are so crafty! I love the first aid kit!
    Katie recently posted…Neverland – Tinkerbell Party and Marshmallow Fondant!My Profile

  5. wow…this looks so cool Sharon! very creative. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Vinma recently posted…The Shades of MotherhoodMy Profile

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog Sharon.
    Your first aid kit is really cute. Sewing is a skill that I wanted to develop but never had the chance.
    mitchelle recently posted…Blogger opportunity: $50 Paypal Giveaway!!!!My Profile

  7. So amazing. Thanks for visiting my website… on the new kitchen products I saw. I agree about not wanting to make a mess in the morning… silicone is so easy to clean or just put it in the dishwasher!

  8. Love the idea and your fabric choice! Great job!

    BTW – you asked which supermarket I bought the jackfruit from – I’m a Malaysia! But my US pallies say the fruit is available in any Asian market.

    Have a nice day!

    • Thanks Veronica! Will definitely be on the lookout for the jackfruit when passing by any Asian markets. My husband is an island guy, so he tends to go on the west side of town to shop for certain items. There are some Asian markets on that side. I will tell him to be stop by one when he’s shopping.

  9. That looks great and I love that you made a first aid kit, what a great idea!
    Frugal Foodie in WV recently posted…Easy Enchiladas Suizas with Ground Turkey and Zucchini FilingMy Profile

  10. The kit turned out perfectly. You make it look so easy.
    Kira recently posted…AT&T, Where is BlackBerry Z10? My Patience is Running OutMy Profile

    • Hi Kira. Glad to see you back. It wasn’t that difficult to make, but sewing is somewhat a tiresome thing to do. However, the outcome is always a fabulous thing!

  11. What an adorable idea! Would you be willing to make one for a giveaway? You could guest post on my blog??? I hope you try some bok choy, soon and let me know what you think! 🙂

    • Thanks Lana! It turned out to be such a cute item. My daughter is so loving it! I’m not able to make another kit just yet, but I look forward to guest posting at some point on your blog. Will definitely be on the lookout for bok choy. It’s in my mind to just see how it smells and taste.

  12. Great work! I love your fabric choice!
    Amy recently posted…Spring Flower Kissing BallMy Profile

    • Thanks Amy. Joanne’s Fabric actually has a section where the fabric quarters are coordinated. How cool! Can’t wait to check out what’s going on at amylovescrafts.

  13. I Love that! That’s it, I have got to get a sewing machine.
    Angie Brewer (@snackcupsmiles) recently posted…Sinful Brownies!My Profile

  14. I just returned to sewing myself! I’m working on a summer outfit for my daughter 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Kimberly recently posted…Free Blog Planner – ReviewMy Profile

  15. So cute! Great job, looks like it could work for a few different things.
    Danie’ recently posted…Tubal ligation: One moms experience, is it for you?My Profile

  16. Impressive!
    I taught myself to sew – just enough to do straight lines so I could make curtains. I’m pretty sure your project goes way past my skill level. You should market those!! They would be great in a diaper bag with all of the necessities!
    Kim recently posted…For Health or Vanity?My Profile

    • Thanks Kim. Nice to see you back. Speaking of curtains… I really need to make some for my bedroom. For right now, I’ll just settle with these smaller sewing projects.

  17. So pretty! Really. I need to sit down and learn the sewing machine one of these days. There are so many things that I want to make…if I only knew how to sew!
    Henna recently posted…babies love cardboard boxes.My Profile

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