Turn Pastry Cutter Into Desktop File Sorter

So, I’m taking the April Cent-Sational Challenge and have decided to upcycle a pastry cutter or pastry blender into a desktop file sorter.  I couldn’t believe how great it turned out.  I love it on my desk.  It holds the files so nicely.  Pretty simple to make, too.  You only need a couple of items also. Items Needed: pastry cutter or blender wood glue piece of board small box paper covering beads (optional) hot glue gun artificial plant (optional) Directions: {Read More}

My Thrift Store Shopping Trip and a $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

I must admit that I am definitely a thrifty person.  That’s one of the reasons that I created this blog…to save money.  Every now and then, I will hit up the thrift stores to find some great steals or deals.  Check out what I found when we visited Virginia during President’s Day. (I’m late on posting my thrift store items.) If anyone knows me, really knows me, then you know I love scarves and purses.  Yep..love them! Well, I googled {Read More}

Skillet Apple Pie

I was online and saw a Skillet Peach and Blueberry Pie, however, I’m not a fan of blueberries.  So, I kept searching and found a Skillet Apple Pie that was from Southern Living and I decided to give my new cast iron skillet a try.  It’s something about cast iron cooking that makes you think of old-fashioned cooking. Of course, I  changed up a few things from the recipe, like amount of apples, spices, etc. I can never seem to {Read More}

Homemade Oreo Blizzard

With the weather warming to 70 degrees the other day, we stopped by Dairy Queen to get a blizzard.  My favorite is Oreo and my kids love Cookie Dough.  So, it’s obvious that I would go home and try to make one of these the next day.  I only have one problem with DQ Blizzards.  They don’t give you enough cookies in the ice cream.  Solved that.  I put in enough cookies to satisfy me.  Plus, the most important thing….it {Read More}

DIY Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

Tried my hand at organizing my utensil drawer in the kitchen.  I decided to go with using some chair rail molding.  If you have some leftover chair rail molding in your house, then it is definitely an inexpensive venture to try.  If not, you can purchase enough for drawer dividers from Home Depot for about $5 or $6. Home Depot will also cut the chair rail molding for you as long as it measures at least 12 inches.  I love {Read More}

Salt-Free Baked Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

It has taken me a whole year to learn to eat without salt.  This is my favorite dish that I have perfected when it comes to cooking with no salt.  It takes times to adjust to food with no salt or sodium.  There is already sodium content in raw chicken.  Most foods will naturally contain a certain sodium amount even before you start prepping it for cooking.  This is really a good thing, though.  I have learned that the key {Read More}

Neat Way to Quickly Fix or Remedy a Headache

Just had to share this great tip that you might want to try that will help ease a headache.  Every now and then, you will have a day where you catch a really bad headache.   We all have those days…  Well, here is a really quick and easy way to calm that headache.  I’ve tried it before and it definitely works.  (Of course, a trip to Cancun or Hawaii would be a great thing to try also.) If for some {Read More}

How To Remove Fuzz Balls From Clothing

Just figured out how to remove these ugly fuzz balls from my black pants.  Sometimes, its called pilling on clothing. There were so many on the pants that I thought about throwing them out.  However, these are one of my favorite pair of pants.  Love them!  So, I tried the razor technique to remove them. This is another shot of the pants and how horrible they look right now.   Well, guess what?  All, you have to do is take {Read More}

How to Make Fried Onion Rings

These are super, delicious, crispy onion rings.  They are quite simple to make and such a tasty snack.  I fixed them today and they were gone in a few minutes.  Here are the simple directions and ingredients needed to fix this recipe. Ingredients: 2-3 large yellow onions 1 cup of all-purpose flour 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1 egg beaten 1 tsp seasoned salt 1 tsp Italian seasoning dashes of hot sauce oil for deep frying Directions:   Slice {Read More}

Turn a Potholder into a Makeup Brush Holder

If you’re in need of a makeup brush holder and don’t want to spend a lot of money, here is a simple way to make one for $1.  Just turn a pot holder that contains a pocket opening into a nice makeup brush holder.  I found this pot holder at one of the Everything’s a Dollar Store and turned it into a nice makeup brush holder for my teenage daughter.  She has tons of brushes that are thrown into a {Read More}