Outfits Under $25

Click on the title above that says Outfits under $25 to watch the video for this post. I am starting a new section on outfits that I have put together that were under $25 for the entire outfit.  This is a great series if you are looking to stay stylish and fashionable on a shoestring budget.  This video is also posted on YouTube, so that’s why you see so many different video pics after my video ends.  If you’re looking for it on youtube, it’s in the section title of Outfits Under $25.

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  1. Greta video! You rocky Sharon!! I love clearance racks as well. Girl you do not look over 40! I will be visiting your site each week we have so much in common! LoL

    • Thank you. I will definitely be back around to your site. I always like to visit sites on a weekly basis to see what interesting things or updates have happened. So, trust me, I will be cruising back to your blog on a regular basis.

  2. great post, I am interesting in it!


  1. […] find an entire outfit for under $25.  You can check out a video I made on my $25 and under finds here.  So, I’m in the giving mood! Definitely, enter so you can try and win this money! Perhaps, […]

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