Medicine Cabinet Makeover!

Medicine Cabinet Makeover!

If you’re like me, then you rarely go in your medicine cabinet.  The only time I open this cabinet is when I would like to put on perfume some days, throw on a little makeup or use the scissors to trim my hair.  The very reason I hate to open the cabinet is because stuff is always falling out when I’m reaching in for something.  So, of course I try and minimize the times that I open it.  We rarely keep any medicine in here.  That NyQuil has been in there for a couple of years.  All medicine is kept downstairs.  This is more like a ME Cabinet Makeover.  Why? Well, it has all of My personal stuff in it.  No medicine.

This cabinet is not outrageously messy, but it definitely could use some cleaning and organization.  For organizing help, I pulled things from other parts of the house to use in the cabinet.  The only items I purchased was the container holding the fingernail polish and the candle holders from the Everything’s A Dollar Store.  The fingernail polisher holder is actually a pill container. It worked perfectly.

So, let’s see what I did:


I took everything out of the cabinet.  This medicine cabinet only has three glass shelves in it.  In the makeover, you’ll notice four glass shelves.  I stole one out of the children’s bathroom.  They definitely don’t go in their medicine cabinet. They’ll never miss it. All of that black marking came from my eyeliner pencil…… I think.


I cleaned those dirty glass shelves.  Looks fabulous now.


Then, I cleaned out the cabinet.  Put the glass shelves back.  By gosh, that looks brand new.  Perhaps, I just need to leave it empty and clean.  However, if I did that, then it wouldn’t look like this:

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

So neat! You’ll notice that I put little magnetic frames on the door part.  They didn’t need to be on the refrigerator anyway.  I put some family pictures in them.  I have a little pink plastic container that I used as a cotton ball holder. You can attach magnets if you’re using a container that doesn’t have one on it.  I didn’t put a glass shelf above the fingernail polish because I needed the extra space that the cotton ball holder would take up when I closed the cabinet.


I think my favorite thing is the pill holder container.  It was a single container that had slots for days of the week. I cut off the tops on the pill container holder.  It works perfectly in keeping my fingernail polish from sliding and moving around.  Same goes for the the candle holders. They are great for holding my lipstick, eyeliner pencils, mascara, etc. Finally, those scissors will not slide out of the cabinet when opened.

I’m loving the cabinet now.  What did the kids say? “Mom, can you do the one in our bathroom?”

So, what do you think?  Have you done a medicine cabinet makeover lately? Or, is your cabinet already neat?

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  1. I also don’t have a medicine cabinet. It didn’t occur to me that the house didn’t have one until I had already moved in! Love what you have done with yours!!
    Alison Palmer recently posted…How Often Should You REALLY Clean Your Oven and Fridge?My Profile

  2. Wow you have organized very well & i also got an idea to organize my kitchen same as your medical cabinet

  3. A make-over like this in our house would surely make my wife happy. 🙂
    Ed of

  4. i love the new look! I want to do the same thing for my medicine cabinet

    Delightful Ideas
    lala recently posted…DIY: Engagement photosMy Profile

    • Thanks Lala! It just makes things so much easier when I’m looking for something. Now, I can find it in a jiffy with my organized medicine cabinet.

  5. That definitely looks beautiful! I like how spacious it is! Thanks so much for sharing @ The SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party 🙂

    The Wondering Brain
    Jessica recently posted…Will You Help Them Reach Their Goal?My Profile

  6. It’s been a while since I cleaned out mine. Need to get on it! lol Yours not only turned out great but, love your pops of color for your organizers! Thanks for sharing & linking up at Theresa PS. hope to see you again this week.
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently posted…Kidobi Children’s Educational Online Videos & App : ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks Theresa! I love opening the cabinet now. I can actually find stuff that’s in its place. Definitely hope to get back over next week.

  7. You have a large medicine cabinet. Those colorful canisters are attractive and they easily brighten up the space.
    Breason Home Contracting recently posted…Time for a new Deck!My Profile

  8. Wow…I thought I was the only one who didn’t have a medicine cabinet. After reading through the comments it seems I am not the only one. If I did I would definitely use this post to help me organize it as it is so neat and tidy.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂
    Bismah recently posted…Disposable Baby Wipes – Reusable?My Profile

    • Thanks Bismah. I am surprised at the number of people that don’t have a medicine cabinets either. It’s a great project to tackle for anyone who does though.

  9. You should tell the kiddos that you will help them, or they can do it themselves! Haha. Looks pretty awesome in there. I currently don’t have a medicine cabinet, but when I do I’ll keep this in mind. recently posted…How To Save Like Your MotherMy Profile

    • I will tell them that. LOL. I am definitely enjoying it being neater. It’s so easy and organized for me to find items I need now.

  10. Your medicine cabinet looks wonderful. I love how organized it is. Have a great weekend. 🙂
    Judy recently posted…Bookmarks – Love Each Other!My Profile

  11. Don’t have a medicine cabinet to makeover. Bummer! But yours looks so awesome and I am loving the idea about the nailpolish in the pill holder, I never would have thought of that! I blog at Unschooling Momma and have a guest blogger each Monday if you had something to maybe help us unorganized moms with lots of books, art supplies, etc. hanging around the house I would love to have you share! If interested or have any questions email me!
    keisha recently posted…FREE Homeschooling Gift from Homeschool Buyers Co-op (Many to choose from!)My Profile

  12. Well, now I’m bummed that I don’t have a medicine cabinet cause this is a fix-it that I could totally do!!
    Looks great!

  13. i really like your medicine cabinet. neat!

    happy mother’s day weekend.

    happy sits saturday sharefest!!!!


  1. […] Sharon Hodge left her job in the education field to raise her two daughters. She started her blog after discovering a natural knack for handiwork. She gives great life-hacking advice, from whitening your favorite blouse with toothpaste to medicine cabinet makeovers. […]

  2. […] Sharon Hodge left her job in the education field to raise her two daughters. She started her blog after discovering a natural knack for handiwork. She gives great life-hacking advice, from whitening your favorite blouse with toothpaste to medicine cabinet makeovers. […]

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