I Tried the Ditch and Switch Challenge with Bounty DuraTowel

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, it ranks as my #2 dislike. My #1 dislike is cleaning the shower. So, when I enter the kitchen to clean it up, I do so with a serious madness about it. My mind doesn’t concentrate on how clean it is, as long as it appears clean. If I had magical powers for a limited time, I would use them to clean the kitchen. Not too long ago, I was asked by Bounty to try the Ditch and Switch Challenge. They sent me a package that contained a new dishcloth that I was to use for 3 days (without washing) and return it to be tested for the amount of germs that are left on the dishcloth and being spread after three days of use in the kitchen. That’s the first time I really focused on the amount of germs and how CLEAN is my kitchen. It always looked super clean to me…..

So, I received this package in the mail. It contained the dishcloth, plastic bag and an ice pack for sending the used dishcloth back as part of their Ditch & Switch program.

I used the dishcloth for 3 days without washing it. I don’t know about you, but I never wash a dishcloth after one day’s use. Honestly, I pull out a clean dishcloth when the used one becomes too dirty or smells. (That may be too much information.) Though, I must say, that when the girls wash the dishes, they always pull out a clean dishcloth. I never really considered how much or how many germs are being spread throughout the kitchen from the used dishcloth. Let’s face it. I’m already exhausted from having to do the dishes. I’m concentrating on getting in the kitchen and getting out of the kitchen. So, after 3 days of use, I sent it back and waited for my results. Of course, I was certainly surprised at the results when I received them.

According to the amount of soil, food residue, and dirt left on the towel, my used dishcloth results was 1201 based upon an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) monitoring. So, if your dishcloth ranks higher than 300, it has the potential to spread germs and lead to an unclean kitchen. Needless to say that my used dishcloth has the potential for spreading germs. So, I participated in the Ditch & Switch Challenge by using the Bounty DuraTowel.

I used the Bounty DuraTowel as I would a regular dishcloth. I have to admit that these are really super strong towels!

You can tell by looking at this photo that it has a cloth-like look to it. It feels stronger than a regular paper towel, too.

It even held up with wringing out over and over again. Plus, it stayed intact when I was washing the counter top and stove while cleaning the kitchen. I’m impressed! That’s definitely not like a regular paper towel. I like these paper towels! They clean like a regular dishcloth and will spread less germs. You might want to try these, especially, if you hate spreading germs. Just use it and toss it! Now, if I can just convince my kids that they can use these as a regular dishcloth and not waste them. After all, my kids will be taking over as the primary dishwashers for our family.

Bounty exposed my dirty dishcloth and showed me the cleaner way to clean with Bounty DuraTowel, the only cloth-like, durable paper towel that is clinically proven to leave surfaces three times cleaner than a germy dishcloth.* Find out more here!

*1tsp spaghetti sauce, 10 mls. coffee, ⅛ tsp creamer on laminate countertop

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bounty. The opinions and text are all mine.

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