How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Using the Hidden Stitch to Hem a Garment

Sometimes, we buy clothes and they’re too long or we want them a tad bit shorter.  Normally, you would probably take them to the cleaners and pay to have them tailored.  However, if you can’t get to a cleaners or don’t want to pay and you feel like attempting it yourself, then give it a go.  I learned this hidden stitch in high school.  It was actually the skill I won first place in the district competition. (This was so long ago!)  I’ve always liked this stitch.  It’s like having a secret and not wanting anyone to know.  Hence, the hidden stitch.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

The first step is to try the garment on and determine how high you want the hem.  Then, fold garment’s hem one time.  Press down.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Then fold hem again at the measuring point.  This will make the fold to insert needle through when doing the hidden stitch.  Press again.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Thread a needle with matching thread as close to the garment’s color as possible. (For this post, I am using a non-matching  color so that you will be able to see the stitch better.  However, you will want to select a color that is the same color as material.) Knot the thread at the end.  Only knot one end of the thread.  Do not tie them together.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

The key to the hidden stitch is to try and pick up only one strand of material in the first step.  If you can’t help but pick up two strands of material, that is still okay.  The less strands you pick up, the lesser the thread shows through the material. Pull through or go right into next step below.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Slide needle through folded area about 1/2 inch  or more and bring back through fold.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Then, repeat process again by picking up one strand of material and inserting needle back into the folded area.  This photo shows how the threading process looks when doing the hidden stitch.  Continue sewing all the way around until you come back to the beginning.

Once you come to the end, secure the thread.

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Turn garment over and there you have it….the hidden stitch.  You can see the little black thread stitch a little.  Now, imagine if you’re using the same color thread, you would barely notice the thread at all.  Now, you can do that yourself whenever you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to get to the cleaners.

 Video of Hemming a Garment Using the Hidden Stitch

Next week, I will try to show the top stitch.  It is useful when hemming jeans.  It is done on the sewing machine.

Do you sew? Or are you interested in sewing? I always love the idea of having as many skills in my bag as possible.


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  3. By hand?! I would so take my sewing machine to that fabric! 😉 But mine would probably not end up hidden. New follower from the Mom Blogger Club, new blogger group.
    Leah Mastilock recently posted…Make a Plate Kids Art Craft ProjectMy Profile

  4. Hi Sharon!
    Thanks for this post!
    I have loved shopping at Old Navy since my daughter was an infant.
    They have great clothes that hold up well for kids, and now that my daughter is eight, she loves picking out some of her clothes herself. She especially loves the animal tees!!

  5. This is a post i totally need! I am always shorter than my clothes. I’m going to give this a try. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m now following yours!
    Melanie recently posted…Easy Orange Chicken dinner recipeMy Profile

  6. I did sewing classes in high school but they did not last long. I regret not continuing with it so much that I am determined to learn to do some sewing again. Very interesting post on the hidden stitch.
    Judy Haughton-James recently posted…Bird Figurine Series – # 50My Profile

  7. Really great instructions Sharon! I always finding sewing difficult but this makes it looks so easy.


  8. Great job! I use to hem everything and now I just use iron on hem tape. Can you believe it, I am the girl that made all the dresses for her wedding party and made all my mother in law’s clothes for the Masonite’s (she wore white all the time). If my husband gives me a pair of pants to hem it takes me a month or more to get them done…smh. I think when my hobby turned into a job I started not to like it.
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

    • Thanks Margaret! I have never tried iron-on hem tape. Before I did this post, I meant to look for it in Joanne’s Fabric but forgot. Gonna definitely check it out though. I don’t sew as much as I use to sew. When kids/husbands enter the picture, it’s hard to do a lot of the things I use to do.

  9. Great post!
    I love to sew however I have to sew everything by hand as I do not have a sewing machine. Maybe some day. I still have fun with it although it does take time.
    Bismah recently posted…Tips For Breastfeeding In Hot WeatherMy Profile

    • Hi Bismah! Woo… everything by hand. I know that takes forever. I use a needle and thread occasionally, but I love my machine. Zip and you’re done.

  10. wow…so cool, but I would still mess it up, LOL. thanks for the tips babe.
    karen recently posted…Mommy’s Meals #3My Profile

  11. I used to sew a lot before. Then my sewing machine broke down and I did not bother to fix it. I do hemming for my pants and my husband’s. And yes, I do something like a hidden stitch. My Mother in law taught me 🙂
    Vinma recently posted…Six Benefits of Massaging Your BabyMy Profile

  12. I used to sew a lot more. My sewing machine has been in my attic for awhile. I’m not sure it works anymore. Now that I’m retired, I’m seeing all sorts of cute little projects for around the home and I’m starting to get the sewing “itch” again. That’s a great tutorial. 🙂
    LydiaF recently posted…C25K Challenge Week 2My Profile

    • Thanks Lydia! I only get an opportunity to sew now that I’m at stay-at-home mom. Before that, I hadn’t sewn in ages, mostly just taking in garments that were too large/something that needed to be tailored.

  13. Thanks for linking up this great tutorial on te Get Inspired Weekend Hop!!
    Melanie recently posted…Holding Grandma’s Hand {{Guest Post}}My Profile

  14. Awesome tutorial!

  15. I really wish I could sew! I remember my mom could sew and would make outfits for me when I was in grade school. However, I still have nightmares about the crooked pillow I created in Home Ec class in high school. Maybe I should give it a second try though.
    Jean recently posted…Saturday Success Stories, August 3My Profile

  16. i will have to try this!

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