Make Your Own Towel Wrap

Took a little time out of my day to make a towel wrap for my daughter.  I made her one because she seems to stay in her towel forever after she takes a shower.  Plus, towel wraps can be so cute if you make your own.  You can pick the color you really like and decorate it with the ribbons of your choice.  It requires some sewing but not too much. Items Needed: large bath towel ribbon thread elastic tape {Read More}

Make Your Own Pencil Pouch

My oldest child needs an extra large pencil pouch for carrying her stuff to school.  The amount of supplies that are needed by kids today is so outrageous.  I don’t even try to purchase a small size pouch for her.  Normally, I would buy a money bag for her to use as a pouch.  However, this year, I decided to make one.  It turned out nicely.  It’s been awhile since I’ve messed with a zipper, but I made it work.  {Read More}

How To Repair Damaged Hooks On A Bra Strap

How many times has this happened to you? You take it out of the wash and it looks like this….damaged.  I always try to remember to hook the bra strap together before I wash it.  I also try to remember to put it in something like a mesh bag to keep it from being damaged. However, there are just some days that

Easy Way To Turn Regular Pot Holders Into Scented Pot Holders

My favorite spice scent is nutmeg.  I could smell it all day and never get tired of the scent.  It has such a relaxing scent.  Of course, I would look foolish smelling this spice all day.  So, I decided to turn one of my old pot holders into a scented pot holder.  That way, every time I take a hot pot or pan off the stove, I would be able to smell that wonderful scent.  I was in no mood {Read More}

Re-Purpose Worn Bath Towels Into Smaller Hand Towels

I love, love, love towels! Some people love shoes. Some people love purses.  But, I love towels.  I am that type of person that hates to throw away a towel unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Just because a towel gets old or worn does not mean that it has to be thrown away.  Normally, I

Making A Simple Tote With No Pattern

Love when I can throw a quick tote together.  Was headed to the beach on vacation and decided to throw together a quick tote.  Of course, it’s made without a pattern.  Sometimes, patterns have entirely too many directions.  So, throw

How to Make a Double-Sided Door Draft Stopper

The last week has been chilly. I’m sorry. It’s been COLD! The snow came in and so did the wind.  I’ve been working on winterizing my home for the last couple of weeks.  To really know if you’re doing things right, the cold comes and lets you know that there is still air sneaking in the house.  So, as my last step for keeping the house warm, I made these Double-Sided Door Draft Stoppers.  Love them!  They really

How to Quickly Repair A Broken Zipper

I put on these jeans and the zipper broke. In the above picture, the zipper slider came off the zipper track.  So, I had to do a quick fix to get the slider back on track.  It seems that it should just slide back on to the tape part, but trust me, it’s an impossible task.  Plus, I know that to replace the zipper entirely

How to Hem Garments Using the Hidden Stitch

Sometimes, we buy clothes and they’re too long or we want them a tad bit shorter.  Normally, you would probably take them to the cleaners and pay to have them tailored.  However, if you can’t get to a cleaners or don’t want to pay and you feel like attempting it yourself, then give it a go.  I learned this hidden stitch in high school.  It was

How to Make Your Flimsy Pillow Shams Stand Up

I bought a new comforter set for my bedroom.  It has been 12 years since I’ve bought a new comforter set.  I’m sure the only reason I did was because my husband kept complaining that I needed to change the set that has been on the bed forever. Now, this isn’t my first attempt at trying to buy one.  It’s just that when I bought