DIY Choker Necklace

My daughter loves to wear necklaces, specifically, the choker necklaces. Makeup and necklaces go hand-in-hand in my house full of teenagers.  So, I made a couple of necklaces for her today. Quite simple. Quite inexpensive. Items Needed: trim or ribbon clasps needle and thread Directions: First, measure the size of the neck. Cut trimming to desired size. Fold under edges. Stitch down. Attach ends of clasp to each side using wire pliers to press down tightly. That’s all there is {Read More}

DIY Running/Walking Armband

Need an armband when you’re running or walking? Try making one from a headband. Pretty simple and inexpensive.  Just follow a couple of steps below. Items Needed: Headband Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine Directions: Measure the armband around your arm. Make sure and measure it tightly, but not extremely tight. Pin. Sew down on machine or use a needle and thread. Finish edges on the machine to stop material from raveling. This part is optional. Top stitch to securely {Read More}

Turn Your T-Shirt into a Spaghetti Strap Tank Top

Got a lot of t-shirts piled up in your house? Why not turn them into cute spaghetti strap tank tops for the summer? Or, if you’re hanging out at the thrift store and pick up some cute t-shirts, think about remaking them into a nice tank top. I found this one at the thrift store for $2. I decided to remake it into a spaghetti strap tank top. Wasn’t that difficult and it turned out so cute! Items Needed: t-shirt {Read More}

How To Make An Adjustable Waistband In Jeans

I decided to finally fix the waistband in a couple pair of jeans today. I have two pair that are my favorite.  Of course, the waistband is too large.  It seems that any pair of pants that I buy has a waistband that never fits.  And, I do not like to wear a belt, especially with jeans.  Not trying to add any extras to the waistline.  Well, to solve my problem, I tried making the waistband adjustable by adding buttonhole {Read More}

Turn a Potholder into a Makeup Brush Holder

If you’re in need of a makeup brush holder and don’t want to spend a lot of money, here is a simple way to make one for $1.  Just turn a pot holder that contains a pocket opening into a nice makeup brush holder.  I found this pot holder at one of the Everything’s a Dollar Store and turned it into a nice makeup brush holder for my teenage daughter.  She has tons of brushes that are thrown into a {Read More}

Simple Way To Lengthen Too-Short Sleeves

I’m one of those people that have long arms.  I love wearing long sleeves, especially since I love the fall and winter seasons.  I like for the sleeves to lay right on the top part of my hand.  However, today, I’m trying to lengthen an old shirt where the sleeves have gotten too-short (probably from washing).  I found a simple way to lengthen the sleeves.  I’m so happy because this is one of my favorite long-sleeve t-shirts.  It has such {Read More}

How to Widen T-Shirt Neckline

One of the worst things about wearing a t-shirt is how tight the neckline feels.  I usually just cut them off.  I have so many t-shirts with the neck part cut off.  It usually leads to the neckline stretching out too wide over time.  So, today I am doing something a little different.  My goal is to secure the ends of the neckline so that it doesn’t stretch so out of shape.  Plus, I want it to look neater when {Read More}

How to Repair Holes in Jeans

These are definitely my favorite jeans.  How can you tell? Well, I wear them so much that they now have holes in the bottom.  So, I’ve decided that it’s either time to throw them away or try to figure out how to repair the holes.  This turned out to be a pretty simple fix.  If you have some jeans that need a repair, then here are the simple steps.  I have seen this type of repair done with interfacing or {Read More}

Neat Way To Store Sewing Machine Bobbins

Lately, my sewing machine bobbins have gotten out of hand.  I’ve tried to keep them neatly in my sewing basket, but they seem to unravel and end up all over the top tray of the sewing basket.  So, I went out to the fabric store to look for containers to hold my bobbins neatly.  I found a couple of containers at the fabric store.  However, they were $8 – $10 and did not contain the design or type of space {Read More}

Make Your Own Tutu

I was in the mall shopping with my youngest daughter and her friends. They were looking for tutus.  Of course, we didn’t find any because I’m not quite sure where they are sold.  I think you can probably find them in a costume store.  I guess wearing tutus over leggings is a style for them.  What did I do? Made one.  How cute! Items Needed: Tulle Fabric (I used about 4.5 yards of material. Will depend on measurements of child.) {Read More}