Lemon Pepper Pasta Dish

This is a fantastic pasta dish! It’s a must-try. Simple ingredients and so delicious. It’s a nice dish to make and take for lunch. Serve as a main dish or as a light snack. Ingredients: Angel Hair Pasta 16oz 2 medium onions, chopped Frozen Vegetable Mix 16oz 1 Can of Whole Kernel Corn 15.25oz Italian Seasoning Lemon Pepper Olive Oil butter sugar (optional) salt and pepper Pour in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil or enough to coat bottom of {Read More}

Delicious Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!

So, I decided to try my hand at homemade vanilla custard ice cream…that’s what us southerners would call it.  If you yearn to have that taste of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream during some point in your life, you definitely will want to try this. One thing I noticed about making the old-fashioned ice cream is that it takes you back to your childhood if you grew up on this wonderful homemade dessert. Give it a try. Makes about 4 cups {Read More}

Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies

These cookies are a staple in our house. We make them on a regular basis. They are simply delicious! We recently found out that by substituting the regular butter for unsalted butter, it made the cookies taste even better. If you make them, be sure to make a lot of them. They are soft and really tasty. Ingredients: 1 stick of unsalted butter 1/2 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of white sugar 1 cup of flour 1 egg 1/2 {Read More}

Fried Croissant Rounds

(Printed Recipe at Bottom of Post) Okay. I just ate seven of these little fried croissant rounds.  That’s what I’m calling them.  Some people may call them mini croissant donuts, cronuts, or whatever they’re being called.  All I know is that they are round, small, flaky, crispy, and slathered in glaze. So, I guess I get to call them Fried Croissant Rounds or My New Favorite Dessert.  Trust me, you should make these in small batches because you will definitely {Read More}

Skillet Apple Pie

I was online and saw a Skillet Peach and Blueberry Pie, however, I’m not a fan of blueberries.  So, I kept searching and found a Skillet Apple Pie that was from Southern Living and I decided to give my new cast iron skillet a try.  It’s something about cast iron cooking that makes you think of old-fashioned cooking. Of course, I  changed up a few things from the recipe, like amount of apples, spices, etc. I can never seem to {Read More}

Homemade Oreo Blizzard

With the weather warming to 70 degrees the other day, we stopped by Dairy Queen to get a blizzard.  My favorite is Oreo and my kids love Cookie Dough.  So, it’s obvious that I would go home and try to make one of these the next day.  I only have one problem with DQ Blizzards.  They don’t give you enough cookies in the ice cream.  Solved that.  I put in enough cookies to satisfy me.  Plus, the most important thing….it {Read More}

Salt-Free Baked Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

It has taken me a whole year to learn to eat without salt.  This is my favorite dish that I have perfected when it comes to cooking with no salt.  It takes times to adjust to food with no salt or sodium.  There is already sodium content in raw chicken.  Most foods will naturally contain a certain sodium amount even before you start prepping it for cooking.  This is really a good thing, though.  I have learned that the key {Read More}

How to Make Fried Onion Rings

These are super, delicious, crispy onion rings.  They are quite simple to make and such a tasty snack.  I fixed them today and they were gone in a few minutes.  Here are the simple directions and ingredients needed to fix this recipe. Ingredients: 2-3 large yellow onions 1 cup of all-purpose flour 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1 egg beaten 1 tsp seasoned salt 1 tsp Italian seasoning dashes of hot sauce oil for deep frying Directions:   Slice {Read More}

Homemade Soft Caramel Candy

Making caramel candy has been on my list for quite some time.  Finally, crossed it off today.  Such a tasty treat! It seemed like it was fitting to make this candy since Halloween is right around the candy.  Simple and easy definitely applies to making caramel candy.  Just follow the simple steps below.  Some people make this recipe in two steps.  I like quick and easy so this recipe combines everything in one pot. Ingredients and Items Needed: 1 cup {Read More}

Toasted Baguette Topped With Tomatoes, Garlic, and Cheese

Decided to make a quick snack that is not loaded with sodium.  I love baguette! It is such a nice bread.  When you toast the baguette, it is simply delicious.  I could eat toasted baguette all day.  Of course, topping it with different items just adds to that great flavor. Items Needed: 1 Baguette Loaf 3 Tomatoes (Roma or Plum are great choices) 5 Garlic cloves or more Cheese Unsalted Butter Salt and Pepper Olive Oil Italian Dressing (optional) Talipia {Read More}