DIY Kitchen Drawer Dividers Using Chair Rail Molding

Tried my hand at organizing my utensil drawer in the kitchen.  I decided to go with using some chair rail molding.  If you have some leftover chair rail molding in your house, then it is definitely an inexpensive venture to try.  If not, you can purchase enough for drawer dividers from Home Depot for about $5 or $6. Home Depot will also cut the chair rail molding for you as long as it measures at least 12 inches.  I love {Read More}

Removing the Water from My Flooded Basement (Ugh!)

Imagine this.  You wake up in the morning and realize that the water is not getting hot for some reason.  You go down in the basement to check the water heater.  And….Crap! This is what you find in the basement.  Water everywhere! (Storming for 2 or more days in our area) You know it’s not a good sign if your empty clothes basket floats by you. (insert laughter) On top of that, your husband’s out of town. So

Homemade Sock Drawer Divider

How many of you are tired of your junkie (unorganized) sock drawer? I was folding clothes and was about to put away the socks and I realized that I was totally tired of having a junkie sock drawer.  It was so hard to find a pair of socks to put on each day.  Not to mention, the socks were never paired up to its match.  (I must admit that I throw them in the drawer without a match, too.)  So, {Read More}

Storing Plastic Grocery Bags

When it comes to storing those plastic grocery bags in our house, I normally just stuff them in the side part of our closet or pantry. (Do people really say pantry these days?)  I don’t have a large kitchen closet for storing my groceries.  I know that some people like using the reusable bags and not using the plastic store bags when they’re shopping, but I like the store bags because I used them as liners for my garbage cans {Read More}

Cleaning Between the Mesh Screen and Glass Door on Your Microwave

This is how my microwave door looks.  It’s not that I don’t occasionally wipe the front of the microwave when I’m cleaning.  The problem is that it won’t come off.  This yucky look is trapped on the inside of the door, between the glass door and mesh screen.  You can’t reach it by the usual opening of the door.  I found out that in order to ever have a door that I can actually see through, I would need to {Read More}

Cleaning Your Basesboards

Okay. I’m finally getting around to attempting to clean my baseboards.  It is one of those “don’t-really need-to-get-to chores.”  If you’re like me, you look at them throughout the year and silently say in your head, “I need to clean those one day.” Which outside of my head means “never.”   Well, I actually cleaned them today.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what kind of baseboards or what

How We Stay Warm and Lower Our Winter Electric Bill

I’m so happy that cooler weather is coming!  I love the fall and winter!  Of course, I don’t like the onset of a potential higher electric bill.  So, it’s best to get a head start on holding that bill at bay.  These are some of the tips that I use during the colder

Medicine Cabinet Makeover!

If you’re like me, then you rarely go in your medicine cabinet.  The only time I open this cabinet is when I would like to put on perfume some days, throw on a little makeup or use the scissors to trim my hair.  The very reason I hate to open the cabinet is because stuff is always falling out when I’m reaching in for something.  So, of course I try

Use Toothpaste to Whiten Your White Clothes!

(I can’t believe it worked!  This looks great!  I think I will wear it tomorrow!) I know what you’re thinking. What is the world coming to now! Did she say use toothpaste to help whiten her clothes? I did. I was tooling around the house trying to come up with different stuff that I could try to whiten my white clothes. I

How To Get Gum Out Of Your Sofa

The last thing you want to see on your couch is gum.  My daughter fell asleep on the couch with gum in her mouth.  Where did it end up? In my new sofa and pillow.  My biggest concern is getting it out of the sofa.  The pillow has that stringy material that can be cut out.  How did I get the gum out? First, take a piece of ice and rum over the gum until it freezes hard.  I didn’t {Read More}