Best Overactive Bladder Product to Manage Bladder Leaks

I was asked to write a post about Always Discreet. My first thought was….I can’t do that!  Nobody’s talking about bladder leaks. Especially me.  That is so personal. However, I couldn’t pass it up because it is so me. Perhaps, it’s you. I’m sure that I’m not alone. First of all, I didn’t even know that 1-in-3 women experience bladder leaks or that 1-in-2 African-American women experience bladder leaks. For instance, raise your hand if you’re the person that sneezes, {Read More}

Cleaning Refrigerator’s Exterior with Toothpaste

  If you’re looking for a neat tip to help you clean the exterior of your refrigerator, try this one! Finally got around to cleaning my refrigerator’s exterior this past weekend.  It was covered in a lot of grease splatter, among other stuff that I won’t mention. So, I tried different things to help me clean the outside of the refrigerator.  Some didn’t work as well as others. Who knew that I would end up going with using toothpaste. Just {Read More}

Ripening Mangoes in a Paper Bag

While strolling through Walmart yesterday, I passed by a stack of mangoes. Of course, I squeezed them to see if they were ripe, as I always do. They were not ripe. Really hard. Typically, I would just keep going, but they were on sale and I really wanted mangoes. So, I decided to test out if mangoes would really ripen with the paper bag test. First time trying this. How did it work out?   Just for good measure, I {Read More}

How To Make A Summer Dare Book For Kids

I had to share this Summer Dare Book that I  made for my kids when they were younger.  It was handwritten.  That’s what makes it so special.  If you’re trying to come up with ideas to keep your kids entertained during the summer, then, you may want to try this idea.  (You may want to type your Dare Book.) We all know that when kids get out of school for the summer, it’s not long before they say, “I’m bored!” {Read More}

5 Things to Remember When Freezing Prepared Cooked Meals

If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon of trying to prepare and store cooked meals for future use, then here are 5 great things to keep in mind.  First, let me say, that I love that I have started doing this…prepping, cooking and storing meals.  It saves me a ton of time ( I hate cooking, so, I’m all for being in the kitchen the least amount of time that I can.) I have a couple of months of meals that {Read More}

My Attempt To Get In 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

I’ve decided that I WILL get in 8 glasses of water per day.  Now, that I had decided that, I just had to come up with a plan to get it done.  I’ve tried several different ways of getting in all of this water.  It really doesn’t matter which way as long as you consume at least 8 glasses.  So, take a look at some of the ways that I’ve tried and see if they work for you. Items Needed: {Read More}

My Thrift Store Shopping Trip and a $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

I must admit that I am definitely a thrifty person.  That’s one of the reasons that I created this blog…to save money.  Every now and then, I will hit up the thrift stores to find some great steals or deals.  Check out what I found when we visited Virginia during President’s Day. (I’m late on posting my thrift store items.) If anyone knows me, really knows me, then you know I love scarves and purses. them! Well, I googled {Read More}

Neat Way to Quickly Fix or Remedy a Headache

Just had to share this great tip that you might want to try that will help ease a headache.  Every now and then, you will have a day where you catch a really bad headache.   We all have those days…  Well, here is a really quick and easy way to calm that headache.  I’ve tried it before and it definitely works.  (Of course, a trip to Cancun or Hawaii would be a great thing to try also.) If for some {Read More}

Easy Way to Sweeten Cold Drinks

Have you ever tried to sweetened a cold drink, like tea? Impossible.  It’s always best to sweeten any drink before it is chilled.  It makes life so much easier.  Here is a little tip to help sweeten a drink that is already cold.  Just make ice cubes that are really, really sweet.  Pop them into your cold drink and let the sweet melt into it.  Love it!  (This little trick works great for the times when you make iced-tea.) Items {Read More}