When To Harvest Your Homegrown Onions

This is my second year at attempting to grow onions.  The first year I tried to grown onions, they didn’t grow at all.  However, this year, they look fabulous! I was in the garden today to check on them and look at what I have

Growing Potatoes in a Bag!

I’m so excited to try my hand at growing potatoes in a bag this year! I have a raised garden bed, also. Due to the amount of space, I decided to try growing the potatoes in a bag this year.  My other vegetables that I am planting will be grown in the garden bed.  I’m planning on planting onions, tomatoes, squash and……a blackberry bush (somewhere in the backyard). I normally plant the vegetables or fruits that we eat on a

Building a Raised Garden Bed

(I decided to make a garden bed so that I can save on vegetables. There are more pics at end of post.)   Making this garden bed will help to cut down on some of our grocery expenses.  The hubby and I made this raised garden bed and I must say that it turned out fabulous.  It is quite simple to make.  I wanted to take pictures of each step while we we making this bed, however, my hubby was {Read More}