How to Make a Jewelry Display Board

I needed a jewelry display board for my thrift store boutique. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for one. Trying to save money as I go through my first year journey of opening a store. This turned out perfectly! This would be great if you wanted to use this as a display board to hold your jewelry also. Here are the quick and easy steps. Items Needed: Peg Board (Home Depot)  Probably not the actual name of {Read More}

How to Defog a Window

So, I recently opened a Thrift Store Boutique. Yay! The selling point for this location was the boutique-styled windows. When we moved into the store in August-September, the weather was nice and warm. Had no problems with the windows. Then, in the month of October, the weather turned cold and this was my view from the inside out. Not to mention that potential customers couldn’t see on the inside when passing by the store. Well, that was not good. It {Read More}

DIY Choker Necklace

My daughter loves to wear necklaces, specifically, the choker necklaces. Makeup and necklaces go hand-in-hand in my house full of teenagers.  So, I made a couple of necklaces for her today. Quite simple. Quite inexpensive. Items Needed: trim or ribbon clasps needle and thread Directions: First, measure the size of the neck. Cut trimming to desired size. Fold under edges. Stitch down. Attach ends of clasp to each side using wire pliers to press down tightly. That’s all there is {Read More}

DIY Red White and Blue Glass Vases

If you’re looking to put a little decor into your Independence Day celebration, why not add these DIY painted glass vases to your list.  They’ll look great with flowers as a centerpiece for tables.  Just get a couple of old vases, spray paint, and tape.  Add battery-operated tea light candles to bottom of vases to showcase at night. This is a picture of how the centerpiece looks when night starts to fall.  The white vase illuminated the best due to {Read More}

5 Great Hacks To Use At Home For Only $1

Everyone loves when they can use an item made for a certain purpose in a totally different way.  The items for these hacks are probably already at your house.  If not, they can be purchased at any of the $1 stores, such as Everything’s A Dollar. This toothbrush and cup holder has suction cups attached to the back.  A great use for this item would be to use it as a caddy for the kitchen sink. Just wet sink and {Read More}

Using a Kitchen Drawer to Organize Tupperware

I’m not sure why I keep the tupperware in the top of the cabinet.   First, I can never find the matching tops unless I get a stool to look in the top of the cabinet.  Plus, I’m not disciplined enough to put matching tops with matching containers.  So, today, I’m trying a different approach.  Yep, I’m still inspired since I organized my utensil drawer. You can check that organizational accomplishment right here. Still, loving it. I’m on my way to {Read More}

How To Remove Fuzz Balls From Clothing

Just figured out how to remove these ugly fuzz balls from my black pants.  Sometimes, its called pilling on clothing. There were so many on the pants that I thought about throwing them out.  However, these are one of my favorite pair of pants.  Love them!  So, I tried the razor technique to remove them. This is another shot of the pants and how horrible they look right now.   Well, guess what?  All, you have to do is take {Read More}

Turning Clock Frames Into Decorative Art

Sometimes, I will be out driving and will stop at a new housing development that is open.  I’m not actually looking to buy a house right now. However, I like to look in

Homemade Magnetic Air Vent Air Freshener

I like for my bathrooms to have a nice fresh scent.  So, I made these specifically for my bathroom.  I figured with such a closed-end space that these magnetic air fresheners would work best in that size room.  They were

Creative Uses for Baskets

I found a couple of cute baskets at the thrift store yesterday.  Of course, my mind went straight to its creative side and started contemplating how I would use the baskets. If you put your mind to it, you can definitely come up with some creative things to use a basket for besides holding items.  This one